is a new website, showcasing and offering exotic and classic car-related items and images which are not available anywhere else.

About stradabiz

A new venture by long-time car enthusiast John Leaman. It will offer Limited Edition items such as books, posters and greetings cards that have been created by John, and are Not Available Anywhere Else. I also hope to take commissions for photography and writing projects. John has been trading in automobilia on ebay as ‘ats-2500‘ since 2002 – but ‘lambo!‘ is only available via


The site is the brainchild of Englishman John Leaman, who has been a car enthusiast since the age of 11 (1977 or thereabouts), and has been lucky enough to see, drive and occasionally buy some great cars over the years.

When not doing that he collects car brochures, books, models and so on – and funds this by working as an opinion pollster.

With invaluable help from his father, John has also been photographing cars in the UK and abroad since 1977 – and fortunately never quite got around to discarding the images.

So, he still has lots of 35mm Kodak colour slides dating from 1977-1986. These are now being put to good use as the basis of a book (or two) about his favourite marques: Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati – plus anything else that is beautiful, unusual or stirs his nostalgic juices.

The first fruit of John’s labours is lambo!– a photographic record of Lamborghinis in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s. It has over 130 never-before-seen colour images from 1978-1986.

You can find further details on the lambo! page.  Also, see the thread at at:  It has also been reviewed in the February 2017 issues of ‘Octane’, ‘Classic & Sportscar’ and ‘Classic Cars’ magazines.

(Oh – and if you want one, be quick; I’m only printing 100 copies).

Meantime enjoy the website!

John Leaman

Brighton, England, October 2016