For 2017, I’m working on two new projects:

  • A small series of limited edition prints of some of the best pictures from ‘lambo!’  These will be printed on high quality art paper, and the original colour transparencies re-scanned (where necessary) to do full justice to their excellent clarity, colour and sharpness.   If there are any specific images you would like to see in large print format, please contact me.
  • A new book titled ‘Daytona!’.

  •   From 2003-2005, I owned a Ferrari Daytona Coupe (1972, Blue Dino with Beige, RHD, chassis # 15837, registration DDS 816L).  This book is the story of how I came to own such a great car – and my love of Ferraris and other exotica from an early age.  As with ‘lambo!’, there will be a large number of previously-unseen images taken by me in the 1970s and 1980s.  For this book, I have also compiled several of my more recent photographs (relating to the Daytona and exotica in general).
  • This will also be a LIMITED EDITION book – available in Summer 2017